Managing Information Security in Complex Environments (CvCISO-E) On-Demand Course

Course Information

It’s true, complexity is our worst enemy. This is (or should be) indisputable because it’s fact founded in logic. Accepting the truth can be a tough pill for some people to swallow, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s truth. For us, the root question is:

How can we secure a complex environment like a state or global enterprise?

Some CISOs, vCISOs, and/or other information security leaders (collectively “us”) are tasked with “securing” complex environments, and too often we’re set up to FAIL. It’s not intentional, but our traditional approaches aren’t working. We CAN change the game, and WIN for everyone!

We will never mislead anyone here (at SecurityStudio), securing complex environments is hard, but it’s NOT impossible. ALL information security leaders CAN secure complex environments given the correct approach, appropriate skills, and support from others.

This is what the CvCISO-E course is all about!


This course is specifically designed for public and private sector professionals who are:

  • Executives at/in a complex entity (state, enterprise, et al.).
  • Information security leaders at/in a complex entity.
  • Everyone who has a role in securing a complex entity.

This course is NOT exclusively designed for CISOs/CvCISOs; however, it should be mandatory training for ALL these individuals.


There is no prerequisite for the CvCISO-E course and technical expertise is NOT required. The ability to think critically, with discernment is helpful; however, we’ll do our best to teach this skill during the course too.

*Completion of the CvCISO-E course is required for CvCISO Level 3, Expert, and Mentor.


SecurityStudio is 100% committed to our mission, creating solutions to “fix the broken industry”. 

The cost for the course, exercises, exam and certification is $500.