Welcome to SecurityStudio Academy

Where we are fixing the broken industry!

Complexity is the worst enemy of security, yet we continue to make our lives, our businesses, and our governments more complex by the day. Truth be told, we've adopted technology faster than our ability to use it responsibly.

SecurityStudio is dedicated to solving information security industry problems with simple solutions.

The SecurityStudio Academy does not offer "typical" information security training and certification. We don't want more "experts" who can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. If we provided training and certification like this, we'd be making our industry problems worse. We need more professionals who can put ego aside and be the best at what they do. We don't just teach you what you need to know, but we also teach you how to DO IT.

SecurityStudio sets a very high standard by which we all need to be held accountable. This is core to our mission.

There are three tracks in the SecurityStudio Academy: Public Service, CvCISO, and Partner.

See below for more information, then choose the path that's right for YOU.

Public Service Training & Certification

Specialized training for workers in the public sector.

Information security is information security, but the public sector presents challenges unlike anything in the private sector. This training and certification track is specifically designed for state and local government workers.

The Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvCISO) Program

The first certification for vCISOs, setting the standard of excellence.

SecurityStudio built the Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvCISO) Program to establish the industry standard for vCISO quality and qualifications. If you aspire to become a vCISO, be a better vCISO, and/or want to start or grow a legitimate vCISO practice, this is the path for you.

Partner Training & Certification

Specialized training for SecurityStudio partners.

Billions of dollars are spent on information security every year; however, misspent information security investments are worse than no investments at all. MSPs, MSSPs, and consultants MUST consult their clients in the best interests of their clients. If you are a SecurityStudio partner, or considering the relationship, then this is the path for you.